About Birgit Constant

Birgit Constant has a PhD in medieval studies, has learned eleven languages and worked her way through translation, IT and Public Relations before ending up in the world of books.

She has been working as an author, writer and editor in Landshut, Germany, since 2014.

She writes historical fiction for readers who want to immerse themselves into medieval history and languages. She has also published a guide for budding authors.

When she is not working on her manuscripts, you can find her on foot or on her bike at various speeds in Landshut, where she lives with her family.

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Portrait photo of author Birgit Constant
Birgit Constant

- Historical tales, linguistic trails -

I have a PhD in medieval languages and literature, so it is no wonder my writing coach suggested that I choose historical fiction as my main genre.
Since my school days, I have been fascinated by languages and was learning English, French and Latin at school (my mother tongue is German), before I continued with more Latin, Ancient Greek, Russian, Scottish Gaelic and Spanish at university. These were all extracurricular, but part of my studies also included diving deep down into Old and Middle English as well as Old French.
After university, I spent almost ten years abroad in England and Ireland before returning to Germany. Since then, I have started dabbling with more exotic languages, such as Old Breton, Arabic and Yiddish, and there is a whole new world opening up. I love it!