Historical novels set in the Middle Ages

Book cover of German historical novel „Der Krieger des Königs“ (The King's Warrior)

Coming on 2 November 2020:

Der Krieger des Königs (The King's Warrior)

As the son of an Anglosaxon thane, he has everything. As the king's warrior, he puts it all at stake.

Available as paperback, hardcover and Kindle e-book

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Hello, I am Birgit Constant.

I write historical novels set in the Middle Ages in England and France. My novels are for readers who want to immerse themselves in the history and languages of medieval Europe.

Historical Fiction set in medieval England and France

The Northumbria Trilogy

Book cover of German historical novel „Der Krieger des Königs“ (The King's Warrior); Cover designed by Sandra Buhr @covermanufaktur.de

The King's Warrior

Coming this autumn

England, 1066. His father wants him to become a proud warrior of the Anglosaxon king, so when the Normans conquer England, he joins the rebel forces. Slowly realizing that he will have to sacrifice everything to fulfill his father's wish, he needs to decide who to trust: friend or foe?

Book cover of German historical novel „Der zweite Sohn des Normannen“ (The King's Vassak); Cover designed by Sandra Buhr @covermanufaktur.de

The King's Vassal

Coming in 2021

England 1086. When he befriends a Breton girl, a young nobleman is drawn into a deadly game that threatens not only his inheritance, but also the lives of everyone at the manor. Can he stop the killer in time or will he lose his honour, his family and the woman that he loves?

Book cover placeholder

The King's Minstrel

In the making

England, 1093. A young minstrel is promised great riches if he can fulfil the order that he is given. However, he soon has to decide whether to hand over the woman that he loves to save his family or whether his family has to die so that his love can live.

Horror from France

Book cover of the German anthology „Im Namen des Bösen“ (In the Name of Evil)

The Werewolf of Machecoul

Published as “Der Werwolf von Machecoul“, in: Florian Krenn (ed.): Im Namen des Bösen, Horror Anthology, Unterensingen 2018, p. 30-54 in German

Immerse yourself in the story of a French monster from the 15th century.

“Pray for the souls of the lost children,“ a voice hissed beside me. I looked to the side and saw two protruding eyes staring at me. “He’s comin’ to get ’em all.“

Book cover of historical short fiction_Freebie

The Werewolf of Machecoul (Free Download)

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