Warrior of two Kings

Young Oswulf is to become a respected warrior in the army of the English king. When the Normans conquer England, he joins the rebels, but soon he must decide who he can trust more to achieve his true goals: friend or foe?

Available on 14 October 2024

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Warrior of two Kings

Set in 11th-century Yorkshire, the story follows a young Englishman fighting for his life and his country before, during and after the Norman invasion of England.

Son of Mercia meets The Last KingdomWarrior of two Kings is for readers who love Bernard Cornwell, MJ Porter and Matthew Harffy.

The Characters

Medieval knights – two bearded men, a black man and a white woman in chainmail
  • Young Oswulf is a brilliant fighter in a land torn apart by war, changing loyalities and a devious foe.
  • Ulfgar and Stígandr are his all-time companions, but will they stand by him in his hour of need?
  • Thibault, the Norman master of arms, will decide his fate – one way or another.

The Plot

He was destined to be a warrior. Unlike his father.
England AD 1066. In a peaceful Northumbrian village, Oswulf is to become an elite warrior for the English king and thus fulfil his father's wish.

Even after England has fallen into the hands of a foreign ruler and his path is shattered, Oswulf holds on to his dream. Spurred on by his father, he joins the rebel forces of the North and eagerly grasps the chance to follow his destiny when the rightful heir to the throne reappears.

But his allies are fickle, his enemy ruthless, and treachery a constant companion, leaving Oswulf's village defenceless and himself fighting for his life. Caught between friend and foe, who can Oswulf trust to meet his father's expectations, and is it what he really wants?

Medieval scriptorium: papyrus, feather and candles

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