Birgit Constant: Squire and Sword – the Prequel to The Northumbria Trilogy


Squire and Sword

The prequel to The Northumbria Trilogy, a historical short story about a young squire and a unique sword. He believes it will help him prove himself, but for his greatest battle, he needs more than that.

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Tony Riches Historical Fiction Author

"gripping storytelling with a truly cinematic feel"

The prequel to the Northumbria Trilogy is a short story, but Birgit Constant achieves a sense of epic scale with 'deep dive' research and gripping storytelling with a truly cinematic feel.


Squire and Sword

Set in 11th-century East Anglia, the story takes you to a village in the fenlands around Ely, home to Hereward the Outlaw and his men, and explains why two important female characters of The Northumbria Trilogy came to Northumbria.

Squire and Sword can be read before, during or after reading Volumes 1 to 3 of The Northumbria Trilogy

The Characters

Medieval knights – two bearded men, a black man and a white woman in chainmail
  • Young Loïc is scorned and slighted by the other squires. One day, he finds a sword and thinks it will change his fate. And change it does, but not the way he wanted it to.
  • Arzhel is a revered knight and master to Loïc. Little does he know how their lives will change as they set off to Grentebrige one morning.
  • A mighty warrior, Kóri has something that Loïc wants – and it is not just physical prowess on the battlefield.

The Plot

"One day, we will all die because of you."

England, 1070. In the fenlands of East Anglia, the Saxon resistance against the Norman king smolders. The rebels repeatedly raid the neighbouring estates, and the inhabitants of manors yet untouched by the outlaws are bracing themselves for an attack.

Young Loïc knows that every man has to stand their ground against the Saxons, but his efforts during fighting practice attract the scorn and spite of the other squires. He must prove himself in battle if he wants to teach the others a lesson and survive a hostile onslaught on the manor. When he comes across a unique sword one day, he believes he has finally found a solution to his problem. But suddenly he is faced with a completely different challenge - and an enemy who has long been following his every move.

How it all began: the prequel to the Northumbria Trilogy

Medieval scriptorium: papyrus, feather and candles

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