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The Northumbria Trilogy – available in English soon!

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Northern England in the 11th century. A warrior, a vassal, a jongleur – three teenagers, three destinies and a struggle for survival, recognition and freedom

Son of Mercia meets The Last Kingdom – for readers who love Bernard Cornwell, MJ Porter and Matthew Harffy

Birgit Constant: Squire and Sword – the Prequel to The Northumbria Trilogy

The Prequel

Squire and Sword

England 1070. The squire Loïc believes that a sword will help him on the battlefield, but is it enough for him to pass his greatest challenge?

Volume One

The King's Warrior
(English title and cover coming soon)

England 1066. Young Oswulf is to become a respected warrior in the army of the Anglo-Saxon king. When the Normans conquer England, he joins the rebels, but soon he must decide who he can trust more to achieve his true goals: friend or foe?

Volume Two

The second son of the Norman
(English title and cover coming soon)

England 1086. When Roger tries to uncover a secret that is meant to secure his inheritance, he sets a deadly game in motion. Will he find out in time who is behind it, or lose everything he loves?

Volume Three

The Juggler's Song
(English title and cover coming soon)

England 1093. Lucan was only supposed to find a young woman, but the search turns into a nightmare from which there is no escape – the only question is: for whom?

Historical coming-of-age novels from Northumbria

Each volume of the trilogy is a coming-of-age historical novel set in the Middle Ages. The setting is 11th-century northern England, more specifically Northumbria, the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom that stretched roughly from the River Humber to the Scottish border. Today, it includes Yorkshire, Durham, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland on the northeast side, and Cumbria and Lancashire on the northwest side.

Teenage heroes

The central character of each volume is a protagonist in his teens, whom the reader accompanies on part of his journey to adulthood.

The main character of the first volume is the young Anglo-Saxon Oswulf, who is just trying to get on with his predetermined life when the Normans invade England.

In the second volume, the second-born son Roger is soon fighting for more than recognition and his inheritance.

The third volume tells how the jongleur Lucan reaches for a lifeline that slowly turns itself into a noose for himself and his stepfamily.

Historical background: Northumbria in Norman times

The series begins in the year of the Norman conquest of England, 1066, and ends in 1093, approximately in the middle of the reign of William the Conqueror's second son William Rufus, thus covering the difficult years at the beginning of the Norman rule in England. This was a time of great battles, numerous rebellions, cruel retailiations and many upheavals not only in the political and social spheres, but also linguistically and culturally.

Historical places in Northumbria

In this blog post, you can find out how I stumbled upon the rather peculiar settings of the series.

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